Company Overview

West Realty Advisors, LLC is a private real estate investment company.  Our goal is to help investors, large and small get the most out of their capital. We offer investments in real estate funds with different focuses and we also offer side or club deals for investors with specific needs not addressed in our real estate investment funds.  All of our strategies are 100% turnkey solutions for owning real estate investments that offer investors transparency and timely, accurate reporting.  Our passive rental property and flip solutions provide updates of how our portfolio is doing to our investors on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.  We are the foremost expert in our field and one of the few residential real estate investment companies that have the reporting ability to handle investors’ capital at an institutional level.

Residential Real Estate Advisory Services

We offer advisory services on residential real estate transactions specifically revolving around the REO housing rental programs. We offer services to family offices, hedge funds, private equity funds, wealth managers, pensions, consultants and banks. Our consulting and advisory services cover property management, operations, acquisition and disposition planning. Read more…

Single Family Residential Housing Rental Progam

We are one of the few firms that has been at the forefront of the single family residential model. This structure provides excellent cash flow yield and appreciation for investors. Read more…

Opportunistic Real Estate Investments

Our current and primary focus is investing in the residential fix and flip space. We operate a strategy in California in addition to investing in other operators throughout the state. Read more…


Our company offers investment services to several different kinds of investors. Our clients include institutional investors, pension funds, high net worth individuals, family offices, investment groups and individuals that qualify as accredited investors. Our company’s partners and employees invest along side our investors to ensure an alignment of interest.

We have a long view of our career as investors and investment managers thus we take all possible measures to avoid risk and make solid returns for our investors and ourselves. Honesty and transparency are key factors in our success. Our investors love that they always know what is going on with their investments.

Residential real estate investments are our niche. We fully understand all aspects of investing in the residential space. Other real estate investment managers typically venture into too many areas of real estate stretching themselves thin over areas they are not familiar with.

In closing we strongly believe in residential real estate and our investments. We would like to thank all of our investors and employees for our continued success.

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