Quality = Consistent Returns



Renovation Standards: We do not rent any property that we ourselves would not be comfortable living in. All of our homes are professionally remodeled to the highest quality. This level of rehab not only brings better tenants that pay rent on time, keep the property in great shape, and on average stay longer, but it also keeps maintenance costs extremely low. In fact, our goal is that the property is maintenance free for 5 years. 

Property Standards: We believe that a good investment begins with selecting a property in a great neighborhood. Great neighborhoods attract great tenants. Great tenants pay rent on time, keep the property in great shape, and on average stay longer. Our perfect tenant is a family with 1-2 children. 

Attracting our perfect tenant: 

- Low Crime

- Great School System

- Easy access to transportation 

- Minimum of 3 beds and 2 baths

Tenant Standards: Having great tenants in your properties is our #1 goal. With great tenants comes less headaches and more importantly less risk. Our local property manager, Lenor Sherman with SIG Associates, has over 8 years experience in the leasing department at the Chicago Housing Authority. She knows the intracacies of the business better than anyone. The extremely high demand for nice rentals allows her to use a very strict screening process.

Typical Screening includes:

- Employment

- Salary

- Credit/Criminal Report

- Household Size

- Evictions

- Landlord Verification

- Children Under 18 Report Cards

- Home Visits